The Doctor is in.



Been a while since we’ve posted on here, but it’s not like we’ve been twiddling our thumbs. Far from it in fact. Locked away in our sweat box of a rehearsal room we’ve been “hard at it” thrashing out a host of new jams to thrill and entertain; some of which we plan to air for the first time at our next show. Which conveniently is THIS Friday! Details of this grand occasion can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. Although if you’re in a rush, it’s at Belushi’s Below, Brighton – £4 on the door.


In other news, we’ve finally had some time to straighten out our YouTube channel a bit. Hoping to get some new footage soon, so there’ll be even more chances for you to laugh at our attempts at looking “cool”. In the meantime though, why not head over and subscribe? Or you could use this as the catalyst to creating your own channel. Or not. You know, free choice n’that.


So, we wouldn’t be a band if we didn’t have a record to plug. And plug it we shall! Overclocked, Under Threat is our latest EP and it’s available NOW! How do you want it? What’s your preference? Because we really are spoiling you with this. Ok, you can:

Order the CD

Download the MP3s
iTunes   |   AmazonMP3   |   Bandcamp   |   7Digital

Stream it straight to your ears
Spotify   |   |   SoundCloud

AND, if that simply isn’t enough for you (and fair play) then you can go HERE and get yourself a FREE copy of our first EP Eyes On Wires.


Got the music and yet you still yearn for more, huh? We like your style. Please, allow us to show you our Online Emporium. Where merchandise can be found of the highest quality and the most affordable of prices. Speaking of merch, does anyone like the sound of By Definition trucker caps? Any takers? Hmm… something to add to the To-Do List, perhaps.


Right, reckon that’s about it for now.
Oh yeah, one more thing – join our Mailing List?
Because you don’t get enough emails…



2 Responses to “The Doctor is in.”

  1. I’d go for a trucker cap. Admittedly I said I’d go for a t-shirt which I still haven’t paid for or picked up, but still…..

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