Triumphant Warriors Return

By Definition continue to return

Cheers all!

So we’ve been back a few days now and it’s time to start going through all the pictures and footage we got, out on the road. There’s loads! The plan is to start posting some of it in the next few days, so if you’re craving more updates of our adventures travelling across Europe, you haven’t long to wait.

We’ve put this link out already, but in case you didn’t see there’s some cool pictures from the Tilburg show HERE. With thanks, via Metalshots.

And we got a cool shout out HERE from ROAR E-Zine.

There’s also footage of the Saarbrücken show, which we’re itching to share with you, along with loads more photos and general road trip shenanigans – all of which will be uploaded soon.

Once again, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone that came to the shows and gave their support – it’s very much appreciated. And a special thank you to Rez “Per Diem Keeper” and to Justin “Big Rig”, without whom we’d never have pulled this off…

An awesome time was had, we definitely plan on coming back!

By Definition returning home


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