“And soon enough we’ll have another, hit record”

Greetings one and all …keeping well?

Thought we’d better update you on our activities as we’ve been a little quiet on the social media front of late. Don’t let that fool you into thinking we’ve been sitting around twiddling our thumbs, far from it…

Firstly, plans are firmly afoot for our return to the studio! Yes that’s right, we’ve begun actual preparations to record an actual album, you know, like proper musicians do.. Many details are still to be organised, but drums and bass are scheduled to begin tracking at the start of October; we’ve been beavering away, hammering out a raft of new material, plus polishing up some of our current set yet to be committed to tape. Exciting times! You’ll be hearing loads more about all of this in the coming months, so be sure to check back for regular updates, videos and general tom-foolery.

In other news, those lovely people over at Bandcamp have made the brilliant move to update their mobile interface. Before the collective “huh?” echoes across the ether, simply go here if you’re reading this on a mobile device, and you’ll see our Bandcamp page in all new and glorious detail! They’ve updated everything so it fits and works properly on (we’re told) all mobile platforms, making it even easier for you guys to purchase our music and merch. Merch? yes, merch! That’s the other cool thing Bandcamp have done, added a merchandise page. It’s beyond easy to get hold of our EP and t-shirts now, so what are you waiting for?!

And finally in this whirlwind round-up of our activities: gigs! No, we haven’t forgotten to book any, we’re in the throws of organising a bunch more dates for you guys to come and get drunk at and jump around to our special blend of raw & heavy – it’s just taking a little longer than first thought. What with planning the album n’all (did we mention the album?) we’ve been quite busy. Do not be disheartened though, we’re just as keen to get on the stage as you are to see us there! And as we say, plans are in the works, shouldn’t be too much longer now. Until then… then — have a good one.


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