The Time Is Now

After locking ourselves in a rehearsal room for the past couple of months, we begin recording our debut, full-length album… this weekend!

By far the biggest project we’ve embarked on, it’s taken a long time just to get to this point. From the start we knew it was never going to be a quick process, and have decided to split the recording into many (affordable) sections, rather than going in and not leaving until we’re done. Of course, this means there’s no “two-month long, studio extravaganza session” where we live out all the adventures you’d expect from a rock band. Won’t stop us pretending like there is though.

This weekend Phil and J are going to see our friends at Black Wookie Studios, and will be laying down the drums and bass for a vast bulk of the material. Initial guitar and vocal tracking will follow a couple of weeks later. Then there’ll be some more rhythm section action (snigger), followed by more guitars, followed by more vocals… Add a healthy dose of Mr Win Stanley and you have yourself an album!

We’re all very excited to get the new material recorded and released; if you’ve been to any of our previous shows you’ll likely have heard some of the new tracks we’ve been working on. We can’t wait to have recordings that finally do the songs justice and we will, of course, be documenting all the sessions for your entertainment. So keep track of our progress on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM (@by_definition) for photos, videos, stupidity and sneak previews from the studio.

“It will be our greatest adventure yet! We shall call it The Time When By Definition Went In To The Studio, And Recorded An Album!


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