“What kind of nonsense are they going on about?”

Just a little update from By Definition Towers for you all:

The album is progressing nicely, we’ve got the majority of bass, drums and guitars tracked, although there has been a slight delay to laying down the remaining drums and bass. Due to scheduling conflicts we’ve had to push back on the second slot planned for the rhythm section, and now they’re going in to the studio between Christmas and New year. The good news is we have the next guitar session booked for mid January! Then it’s just the “vocal gold” provided by Si to capture, and we’re in business! Well, there’ll be a ton of mixing and mastering to do, but you get the idea!

Obviously a new album means new artwork, and more excitingly – new merchandise! We have the usual plans for CDs and T-Shirts and things of this nature, but is there anything we’ve missed? Is there anything you’d like to own with By Definition branding on? We’re open to all ideas, no matter how bizarre, and if we get enough people asking for something, we’d be fools not to oblige!

Whilst you’re eagerly waiting more news and updates on the new album, feel free to continue spreading the good word about how utterly brilliant you think we are. In fact here, have an easy to access link to our current (and still available) EP, Overclocked, Under Threat, and send it on to all your friends, regardless of whether you think they’ll dig us or not. It is Christmas after all, a time for giving…

and then when you’re done with that, you can watch Clutch performing Freakonomics, as a treat for being so nice:


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