[We] Made It Through The Rain…


Well we made it back; bruised and broken but still alive. Just. In case you haven’t been paying attention, we’ve just got back from our show at the awesome Hard Rock Hell Road Trip on the (partially) sunny island of Ibiza!

And believe me it was a trip. Booze, memories, booze, quizzing, booze, polar bear games, booze, rain, booze, show, booze. I’m amazed we survived. Still, we had a (Hard Rock) hell of a time. Huge thanks to everyone involved: the organisers, the crew, the bands, DJ Krusher and of course every one of the crazy fuckers who came to the show. After 3 days we were broken, how you guys lasted the week is anyone’s guess!

Anyway it’s back to reality for us now, just our new mixes to listen to. Wait… we have new mixes to listen to? Why am I still writing this blog?!

So I’m off to rock out, I’ll leave you with a video from a band we particularly enjoyed talking to: Maplerun. Great guys, GREAT band…


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