We are literally giving stuff away for free…

First Come, First Serve.

EPs, white label promo discs, 3-track sampler discs, stickers, badges – these things have a destiny, a future. And it is not with us. That’s why we’re going to give them to you, for free, for reals.

Email us at bydefinitionband@gmail.com with a (short) reason why you should get free stuff and you could be the proud recipient of 1 or some of the above mentioned items!

We have a LIMITED NUMBER of items to give away, so the quicker you get emailing the better your chances of getting free stuff. And to sweeten the deal even further, two lucky people (picked at random) will also receive a free T-Shirt! Not bad huh?

So, in summary, do this:
• email bydefinitionband@gmail.com with “I WANT FREE STUFF” in the subject line and include this:
• a short reason why you should get free stuff
• your name & postal address
• your T-Shirt size

Please help spread the Facebook love with the sharing and the liking etc; and remember, there is a limited supply of free stuff, so don’t be downhearted if you miss out this time.

Good Luck!

Merch Lucky Dip


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