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We are literally giving stuff away for free…

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First Come, First Serve.

EPs, white label promo discs, 3-track sampler discs, stickers, badges – these things have a destiny, a future. And it is not with us. That’s why we’re going to give them to you, for free, for reals.

Email us at with a (short) reason why you should get free stuff and you could be the proud recipient of 1 or some of the above mentioned items!

We have a LIMITED NUMBER of items to give away, so the quicker you get emailing the better your chances of getting free stuff. And to sweeten the deal even further, two lucky people (picked at random) will also receive a free T-Shirt! Not bad huh?

So, in summary, do this:
• email with “I WANT FREE STUFF” in the subject line and include this:
• a short reason why you should get free stuff
• your name & postal address
• your T-Shirt size

Please help spread the Facebook love with the sharing and the liking etc; and remember, there is a limited supply of free stuff, so don’t be downhearted if you miss out this time.

Good Luck!

Merch Lucky Dip


‘Tis the Season etc

Posted in Merchandise, Music on December 28, 2013 by bydefinitionband

OVERCLOCKED, UNDER THREAT is now available as a “name your price” download from BANDCAMP!

Zero pounds is an option. Think about it. Take all the time you need…

Also, this:
A  Very By Definition Christmas


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order yours today right HERE!


“What kind of nonsense are they going on about?”

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Just a little update from By Definition Towers for you all:

The album is progressing nicely, we’ve got the majority of bass, drums and guitars tracked, although there has been a slight delay to laying down the remaining drums and bass. Due to scheduling conflicts we’ve had to push back on the second slot planned for the rhythm section, and now they’re going in to the studio between Christmas and New year. The good news is we have the next guitar session booked for mid January! Then it’s just the “vocal gold” provided by Si to capture, and we’re in business! Well, there’ll be a ton of mixing and mastering to do, but you get the idea!

Obviously a new album means new artwork, and more excitingly – new merchandise! We have the usual plans for CDs and T-Shirts and things of this nature, but is there anything we’ve missed? Is there anything you’d like to own with By Definition branding on? We’re open to all ideas, no matter how bizarre, and if we get enough people asking for something, we’d be fools not to oblige!

Whilst you’re eagerly waiting more news and updates on the new album, feel free to continue spreading the good word about how utterly brilliant you think we are. In fact here, have an easy to access link to our current (and still available) EP, Overclocked, Under Threat, and send it on to all your friends, regardless of whether you think they’ll dig us or not. It is Christmas after all, a time for giving…

and then when you’re done with that, you can watch Clutch performing Freakonomics, as a treat for being so nice:

“And soon enough we’ll have another, hit record”

Posted in Merchandise, Music, News, Rehearsal on September 10, 2012 by bydefinitionband

Greetings one and all …keeping well?

Thought we’d better update you on our activities as we’ve been a little quiet on the social media front of late. Don’t let that fool you into thinking we’ve been sitting around twiddling our thumbs, far from it…

Firstly, plans are firmly afoot for our return to the studio! Yes that’s right, we’ve begun actual preparations to record an actual album, you know, like proper musicians do.. Many details are still to be organised, but drums and bass are scheduled to begin tracking at the start of October; we’ve been beavering away, hammering out a raft of new material, plus polishing up some of our current set yet to be committed to tape. Exciting times! You’ll be hearing loads more about all of this in the coming months, so be sure to check back for regular updates, videos and general tom-foolery.

In other news, those lovely people over at Bandcamp have made the brilliant move to update their mobile interface. Before the collective “huh?” echoes across the ether, simply go here if you’re reading this on a mobile device, and you’ll see our Bandcamp page in all new and glorious detail! They’ve updated everything so it fits and works properly on (we’re told) all mobile platforms, making it even easier for you guys to purchase our music and merch. Merch? yes, merch! That’s the other cool thing Bandcamp have done, added a merchandise page. It’s beyond easy to get hold of our EP and t-shirts now, so what are you waiting for?!

And finally in this whirlwind round-up of our activities: gigs! No, we haven’t forgotten to book any, we’re in the throws of organising a bunch more dates for you guys to come and get drunk at and jump around to our special blend of raw & heavy – it’s just taking a little longer than first thought. What with planning the album n’all (did we mention the album?) we’ve been quite busy. Do not be disheartened though, we’re just as keen to get on the stage as you are to see us there! And as we say, plans are in the works, shouldn’t be too much longer now. Until then… then — have a good one.

Shameless promotion

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Because sometimes, you just gotta…

Visit our web store and get yourself some official By Definition merchandise!

Visit our web store!

And don’t forget to check our latest EP Overclocked, Under Threat:

Overclocked, Under Threat - out now!

The Doctor is in.

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Been a while since we’ve posted on here, but it’s not like we’ve been twiddling our thumbs. Far from it in fact. Locked away in our sweat box of a rehearsal room we’ve been “hard at it” thrashing out a host of new jams to thrill and entertain; some of which we plan to air for the first time at our next show. Which conveniently is THIS Friday! Details of this grand occasion can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. Although if you’re in a rush, it’s at Belushi’s Below, Brighton – £4 on the door.


In other news, we’ve finally had some time to straighten out our YouTube channel a bit. Hoping to get some new footage soon, so there’ll be even more chances for you to laugh at our attempts at looking “cool”. In the meantime though, why not head over and subscribe? Or you could use this as the catalyst to creating your own channel. Or not. You know, free choice n’that.


So, we wouldn’t be a band if we didn’t have a record to plug. And plug it we shall! Overclocked, Under Threat is our latest EP and it’s available NOW! How do you want it? What’s your preference? Because we really are spoiling you with this. Ok, you can:

Order the CD

Download the MP3s
iTunes   |   AmazonMP3   |   Bandcamp   |   7Digital

Stream it straight to your ears
Spotify   |   |   SoundCloud

AND, if that simply isn’t enough for you (and fair play) then you can go HERE and get yourself a FREE copy of our first EP Eyes On Wires.


Got the music and yet you still yearn for more, huh? We like your style. Please, allow us to show you our Online Emporium. Where merchandise can be found of the highest quality and the most affordable of prices. Speaking of merch, does anyone like the sound of By Definition trucker caps? Any takers? Hmm… something to add to the To-Do List, perhaps.


Right, reckon that’s about it for now.
Oh yeah, one more thing – join our Mailing List?
Because you don’t get enough emails…